June 16, 2013

Checkin' In

Hi everyone, I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday so far. I certainly am, but unfortunately it's going by too fast! LOL I just wanted to write a quick note that I'm still scrapbooking, but not creating a layout. How is she doing that you ask?
I'm actually sorting through all my digi pics and man what a task that has been. It has been cathartic though, weeding out the keeps and not keeps, plus reliving all the great memories that the photos are bringing back. I have started to read this new e-book (well it's new to me - LOL) called Photo Freedom and it's really reawakened my interest in scrapbooking again.
Part of the philosophy is getting out of the idea of having to scrap in chronological order, which for me is a challenge. But sorting my pics in a different way, has made me be interested in scrapbooking again.
Anyway, that's my shpeel for the day. Hope you a have a great rest of the weekend!
Take care - Jodie

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